Community Related Projects

Diabetic Retinopathy project through Nayana Services

Over the last 15 years, the Nayana Van Program facilitated the screening and treatment of diabetes patients in various parts of Karnataka, and attempted to address each barrier to care, particularly in terms of access, and the fair distribution of healthcare. The program accomplished this by creating a network of trained ophthalmologists to treat DR, and who used the equipment housed in the advanced eye treatment unit(AETU). In an attempt to ensure sustained engagement, revenue from the services offered were shared with the trained ophthalmologists. It has also engaged with healthcare workers by training them in counselling diabetes patients. Through a fixed route, the Van attempted to reduce barriers to access. The fixed route enabled patients who availed of the Van's services to know exactly when their follow-ups were scheduled, allowing them to plan their day in advance to ensure they are able to make their appointments. As part of the Tumkur sub-project, the program undertook mass screenings for diabetic retinopathy in rural communities in Karnataka to ensure that those suffering from the disease were made aware of their conditions, as well as the treatments that were available to them to help them live healthier lives. The mobile nature of the program, as well as the digitising of medical records, allowed healthcare workers to assist patients in staying regular with their follow-up treatments and check-ups.

The Nayana Van Program's distributive care model aimed to provide such services to communities where there was an urgent need, and to educate local populations about eye problems such as DR to invoke a rapid response from families to help patients seek timely eye care. The process of mass screenings at NCD clinics allowed for more patients to have access to proper eye care and services. Project sustainability has been achieved through augmentation of local capacity and skills of participating ophthalmologists as well as facilitating the use of the equipment in AETU for their practice in semi-urban and rural areas. This has helped them successfully provide affordable services to the local communities at highly subsidised rates.

We have added new areas to this program.

1. Bangalore Urban PHC:
• Hoskote
• Nelamangala
• Doddabalapur
• Devanahalli
2. Bangalore Rural PHC:
• Konankunte
• Anekal
• Yelahanka
• K.G.Halli
• K.R.Puram
3. Tiptur: Sunanda Eye Hospital
4. Harohalli, Ramanagar District:
Chandramma Dayanandasagar Institute of Medical Sciences 5. Tamaka, Kolar District: R.L.Jalappa Medical College
6. Chitradurga: Community health centre
7. Chamrajanagar: Community health centre