Glaucoma fellowship programme

The Glaucoma fellowship programme at Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology (VIIO) / Prabha Eye Clinic is of 18 months duration. The fellowship programme aims at providing adequate exposure to various kinds of Glaucoma and the management modalities .At the end of the fellowship , the trainee should be competent to manage glaucoma cases independently.

Last 3 months of the course- independent opd
Competencies acquired during the course are
Routine comprehensive evaluation for glaucoma patients and glaucoma suspects include:
Applanation tonometry, optic disc and fundus evaluations.
Visual field analysis (Humphrey) procedure and intepretation
Disc photography or Imaging (HRT, OCT, Swept source OCT, anterior segment OCT, Ultrasound biomicroscopy)

Management of pediatric glaucomas

Management of Complicated glaucoma cases referred from other departments such as secondary glaucomas , post surgical glaucomas following post penetrating keratoplasty, post vitreo-retinal surgeries, post uveitic, post traumatic glaucoma.

Observation and training in various treatment modalities like
Nd: YAG peripheral Iridotomy
Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT)
Selective laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)

Argon Laser Iridoplasty

Observation and graded training in the surgical managerment of glaucoma and associated conditions. Trabeculotomy and/or trabeculectomy for congenital glaucomas

Combined cataract (Phacoemulsification) and glaucoma filtering surgery (Trabeculectomy)
Trabeculectomy with/without use of antimetabolites
Combined Filtering surgeries with vitreoretinal surgeries

Aqueous drainage implants
AC reformation + choroidal drainage
Blebs revision , needling
Management of Overfiltering blebs
Endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation
Evaluation under anaesthesia for pediatric glaucomas
Diode cyclophotocoagulation

Research Goals:

The fellow is expected to mandatorily get involved in one / two research projects in the duration of fellowship and present at least one paper, and one poster in a national/ state conference. Attempts towards publishing the research project in a peer reviewed paper should also be made.

Teaching responsibility:

The fellow has to mandatorily commit one hour per week for teaching of optometry residents, and 1 hour per week for DNB residents as part of the teaching programme. As and when assigned , he / she should also be involved in teaching other staff of the hospital for training purposes.

Outside postings/ screening camps:

The fellow has to participate in the screening and opd activities of the hospital held outside the hospital, when assigned as per roster. The fellow also has to take part in the rural outreach activities of VIIO, as posted.