Hospital based community eye health project in association with Operation Eyesight Universal

4 years

Vision Centre at Padarayanapura

Eliminate avoidable blindness in the project area by 2019

Specific Objectives

  • Increase walk-in patients to the base hospital by 20% annually
  • Reduce backlog of blinding causes by over 95% in the case of curable and treatable forms of blindness
  • Integrate primary eye care services into existing primary health services
  • Network with relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies for improving the socio-economic status of the target communities
  • Establish a referral system leading to sustained accessibility to eye care service

Target population

  • Padarayanapura - 35,213
  • Rayapuram - 32,949
  • Jagajivanaram Nagar - 33,758