Community Related Projects

Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health Sciences

Vittala International Institute of Ophthal- mology continues to run the pediatric ophthalmology department at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health Sciences, a government run premier centre. By setting up the ophthalmology department in this centre, we cater to the needs of pediatric patients from the eye point of view. Causes of childhood blindness including uncorrected refractive errors, Amblyopia, congenital cataract, congenital glaucoma, uveitis due to juvenile idiopathic arthritis, ocular manifestations of other systemic diseases are routinely screened for and managed in children coming to this hospital. We have screened about 23,798 children from jan 2017 to mar 2022. We run an exclusive uveitis clinic in conjunction with department of pediatric rheumatology to identify ocular involvement in many systemic inflammatory diseases which have helped to adjust and monitor therapy in these children. We have also conducted screening camps for Hydroxychloroquine toxicity and done visual fields and oct for 35 children free of cost.