Community Related Projects

Juvenile uveitis support

Pediatric uveitis accounts for 5-10% of all uveitis. Although uncommon, it can result in significant visual morbidity. The duration of treatment is long and involves expensive medications. Due to the non affordability, many children discontinue treatment and eventually become blind. Fortunately we have received funds to support 6 children with uveitis with medicines. As a result, these children have remarkably improved from a vision of hand movements close to face to 6/9.


NABH accreditation has always been a priority at VIIO. In the recent years, there is an increasing requirement for hospital accreditation. VIIO applied for NABH accreditation and received full accreditation under ECO standards. VIIO had an extensive and strict onsite NABH assessment for 2 days between March 9-10 2022 and the hospital came out successfully meeting standards of NABH.