Medical Retina and Uvea

The Medical retina and Uvea fellowship programme at Vittala International Institute of ophthalmology (VIIO)/ Prabha Eye Clinic (PEC) is of 18 months duration. The fellowship programme aims to provide adequate exposure to various Retinal diseases their management, uveitis and ocular inflammation. At the end of the fellowship, the trainee should be able to competently examine and manage retinal diseases medically evaluate and manage uveitis and ocular inflammation.


Competencies to be gained at the end of the fellowship:

Adequate exposure to both medical and surgical retina.
- Proficiency in indirect ophthalmoscopy with indentation
- Performing and interpreting FFA
- Performing and interpreting OCT scans of the retina
- Performing and interpreting B Scan ultrasound examination
- Observing and preforming under supervision- Pan retinal photocoagulation, focal lasers
- Observing scleral buckle, and complex vitreoretinal surgeries (optional)
- Intravitreal injections- antibiotics and anti vegfs
- Assisting in the assessment of retinal disorders in children including ROP
- Exposure to tele-retina services and community retinal services

Uvea and Ocular Inflammation:

Adequate exposure to the diagnosis and management of uveitis and ocular inflammatory disorders.
- Proficiency in clinical evaluation, anterior segment and fundus examination
- Differentiating active vs quiescent disease
- Ordering of investigations appropriately
- Principles of management including appropriate use of steroids and
- AC tap and Vitreous taps- indications and interpretation
- Pre cataract surgery protocols for uveitic eyes

Research Goals:

The fellow is expected to mandatorily get involved in one / two research projects in the duration of fellowship and present at least one paper, and one poster in a national/ state conference. Attempts towards publishing the research project in a peer reviewed paper should also be made.

Teaching responsibility:

The fellow has to mandatorily commit one hour per week for teaching of optometry residents, and 1 hour per week for DNB residents as part of the teaching programme. As and when assigned , he / she should also be involved in teaching other staff of the hospital for training purposes.

Outside postings/ screening camps:

The fellow has to participate in the screening and opd activities of the hospital held outside the hospital, when assigned as per roster. The fellow also has to take part in the rural outreach activities of VIIO, as posted.

Eye donation/ eye calls: when on duty the fellow is expected to attend to eye donation calls and collect donor eyes, and coordinate with the eye bank in charge after the eye call.