SICS short term fellowship programme

Candidates who have completed MS, DOMS or DNB in Ophthalmology. This programme aims at training fellows to be proficient with small incision cataract surgery technique of cataract surgery .

Course duration - 3months

Theory / presentations

Cataract work up
Small incision cataract surgery

a. Applied anatomy
b. Wound construction
c. Capsulorrehxis
d. Nucleus management in various cases
e. Complications
f. SICS in difficult cases

Surgical Exposure

SICS step surgery under the supervision of incharge consultant

OSCAR competency scoring and guidance

At the end of the programme , candidate should be able to perform SICS surgeries completely and independently.

Wet lab facility can be utilized by trainees to practice on cadaver / goat eyes

The number of surgeries performed by fellows is dependent on progress of surgical skills under guidance of supervising senior surgeon.